We all want to save money where we can and with the ever rising electricity/gas costs, making your home energy efficient when building or renovating can help to minimize soaring bills.

Lets look at 8 ways to help make your home more efficient.

  1. Insulation-  make sure you have sufficient insulation especially in your roof. It will reduce the heat entering when the weather is hot, and help to keep the warmth inside when the weather is cool.
  2. LED downlights and compact fluorescent lights are cheaper to runWagga Builders - De Jong Homes
  3. House orientation on block- try to reduce the exposure to the hot afternoon western sun. If you have all your living areas facing west for example your home will heat up very quickly in summer. Try to limit the amount of glass on the western side. Living areas and the rooms you spend most of your time in should be north facing so they catch the light and sun for the longest part of the day saving on heating costs in winters and lighting usage is minimal.IMG_5418 copy
  4. Ceiling fans- ceiling fans in the living areas and bedrooms are fabulous for air circulation and cost a fraction of the price to run than air conditioning.
  5. Double glazed windows- consider double glazed windows especially if your renovating an older property as the glass used in some older homes wont have great insulation. Its amazing how much the hot and cold elements can come through the glass not to mention your heating and air conditioning escaping! Good quality blockout curtains and blinds will also help.
  6. Air circulation- when planning your windows try to have equal windows on both sides of your home so the air can circulate freely from one side of your home to the other._MG_4362_copyresize
  7. Solar panels- if you have the funds consider installing solar panels on your roof to save on electricity costs.
  8. Install efficient fittings- look for a high water efficiency labeling and standards rating (WELS) when choosing showerheads, toilets and taps.img_0422
  9. Electricity meter- consider having your electrician install a usage meter that will allow 3 different cost variations on your bill according to the time of day. I have personally just done this and it made a big difference on our bill!

See you on the blog next week, be sure to send us a message if you have any questions or if you have a topic you would like to read about.

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