With so many exterior options these days- brick, render, linea board, hebel to name a few, it can be hard to choose your favorite!

Today we are going to look at Hebel, and answer a few common questions. It may just suit your needs in your next build project!

Hebel is made from Autoclaved, aerated concrete (AAC) and is a strong, solid building product with similar impact resistance to brick and also similar insulation qualities! It comes in blocks and panels and can be used for many building projects, not just the exterior of your home.

5 main benefits of  are:

  1. Its quick and easy to build with
  2. Strong and solid product
  3. Energy efficient meaning it helps to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter, minimising your heating and cooling costs
  4. Noise reduction
  5. Aesthetically pleasing

Below are some of our homes using Hebel so you can see for yourself how great they look. Using different building materials on the facade is very popular at the moment, it creates an interesting focal point and street appeal.


Here we have used a variety of textures including linea board, hebel and brick.

Holbrook Road_IMG_0550_DIGITAL

A beautiful home built fully in Hebel

IMG_6295 A current Hebel build we have on the go in Junee

If you want to find out more information on Hebel, check out their website http://hebel.com.au/about

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