Even though the sun is still shining bright and unseasonably hot here in Wagga for this time of year, its time to start planning for the colder months ahead! Autumn is the perfect time for some home maintenance before the winter sets in

Here’s some tips to add to your to do list for Autumn!

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Tip 1

Clean all gutters and drain areas to eliminate them from getting blocked and overflowing. Consider installing gutter guard if you have large trees that drop a lot of leaves near your home.

Tip 2

While the weather cools off a little and humidity drops but its not too cold, consider whether any exterior areas of your house need repainting.

Tip 3

If you have a tiled roof check to see if any tiles have become loose or have cracks in them to prevent leaks

Tip 4

Have your heater serviced and cleaned by a qualified trades person to make sure it is working efficiently.

Tip 5 

If you have a wood fire, have your chimney cleaned of debris to prevent chimney fires. Either order in or cut your own wood and stack it in a dry accessible area.

Tip 6

Now’s a great time to aerate and fertilise your lawn before it becomes dormant in the winter months.

Tip 7

Prune any unruly shrubs or dead branches from trees. Trim hedges before the frost hits. Mulch all garden beds.

Tip 8

Autumn is a great time to plant new trees so they can acclimatize to the soil before it get too cold. If your in Wagga, the Junee monster plant sale is on again in a few weeks and they have fabulous trees that are very well priced! I came home with a carload last time.

Tip 9

Seal any cracks or gaps around windows and doors to prevent heat escaping.

Your all ready for Winter now! Feel free to leave any other tips you have on our Facebook post to share with others!

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