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Designed to take in the sweeping views over Wagga Wagga, this home is simply stunning! This home was custom designed for a large family, with multiple living areas and the perfect blend of indoor/outdoor living. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves…. enjoy!

Holbrook Road_IMG_0585_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0669_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0671_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0602_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0600_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0593_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0573_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0562_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0382-Edit_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0374-Edit_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0644_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0650_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0623_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0662_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0556_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0550_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0536_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0547_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0437_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0425_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0434_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0462_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0454_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0451_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0696_DIGITAL

Holbrook Road_IMG_0690_DIGITAL


If you would like to speak to us about building your new home, please contact us! No obligations, just great friendly advice.


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