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If you ask your friends and family which they prefer tiles or floorboards as their flooring preference, you will most likely find that they favour one over the other. It really comes down to preference, cost and the look and feel you are trying to create in your new home.

Now you can combine wood and tile – wood look porcelain tiles.

Wood Look Tiles | de Jong Homes Image Source 

These tiles have been available for a while now and are fast becoming the first choice for many families. Here’s why you should consider wood look porcelain tiles for your next build.

Tiles Are Durable 

Unfortunately over time, wood floors run the risk of warping, expanding and shrinking. This is much more likely to occur if there is water leakage or moisture. Wood also can split and need replacing. Tiles are much more durable for the busy modern home. Tiles won’t fade only

More Colour Choices

Every colour from oak, elm, poplar, whitewood, blackwood, chestnut and more – there is a colour to suit your home. And because they are man made, you can get colours that you wouldn’t find in nature – think blonde timber with grey through it.  

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They Look Just Like Natural Wood

Wood look tiles are made to include the natural variations you would expect to find in wood flooring. With each tile being different, you wouldn’t find the same tile more than once in any room.

Tiles Are Sustainable

Save the trees and use tiles! Almost 20 million trees are cut down each year to manufacture wood flooring. Think of the environment.


Have you used wood look tiles in your home? Or do you prefer to use floor boards?


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