Upgrading your choices when building can seem overwhelming, you want to make sure that you spend your money on upgrades that will add value to your home. Years ago, ensuites and stone bench tops were seen as enviable upgrades only available to those who could afford, today, these are standard in almost all homes. Upgrading your home at the building stage will future proof your home years down the track for a better resale. Here are some key areas you will want to invest your money –

The saying is true – kitchen and bathrooms do sell houses. So make sure you give a lot of thought to these 2 rooms. Stone bench tops are seen in almost every new home these days so upgrading to stone is well worth the investment. Upgrading your cabinetry to include soft close drawers and doors will protect your cabinetry from wear and tear as well. If space allows, include a walk in pantry. Walk in pantries are what ensuites used to be – a luxury that soon turned into a must have.  We are building more and more homes with walk in pantries. If space and budget allow for it, go for a walk in pantry. Keep the colour palette neutral. While you may love a bright orange feature tile, chances are the next buyer won’t. So unless you are staying for the long term, keep it simple and classic.

In today’s modern world with the cost of electricity and in some places, water reaching all new highs, investing in the energy efficiency of your new home is money well spent. Think about the star rating of appliances, water tanks to collect rain, water tanks to collect grey water, solar panels, the positioning of your home on the block, insulation, window coverings – all of these things will contribute to having a home that is energy efficient saving you money and in the long run – the planet! Be smart and be green!

We’ve never met a couple who have said “oh dear, there is just far too much storage in this house!”. If you are thinking about increasing storage in your home at the design stage, do it! You won’t regret it. Built in cabinetry in studies, play rooms and home theaters not only add storage but value as well.

Pendant lighting is a great choice. Pendants add personality to a home and down lights throughout the home are a modern choice. Quite often though lighting in the bathroom is overlooked. Careful consideration of lighting in the bathroom, study areas and the kitchen is encouraged. Under cabinetry lighting is a great way to add much needed light to the kitchen when preparing food.

What did you upgrade in your home? What did you wish you upgraded when building?


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