Storage in your new build should be something you put a lot of thought into…its something everyone needs and in my opinion you can never have enough of! If you have kids you will know what i mean!

Today we will have a look at some versatile storage and space saving solutions for you to consider when building your new home.

Some tips to consider

  1. Where do you need the most storage- are you a cooking fanatic, handyman with lots of tools, do your kids have every toy known to man or maybe a sewing enthusiast with lots of fabric. By determining this you can make sure you have extra storage for those areas.

storage kitchen                                    This is a really cool idea i found on pinterest…no more trying to find whats at the back of a corner cupboard!

2.  A space saving usable storage idea might be a study nook. Saves the sqm by not adding a whole extra room and if you pop some doors on the front it keeps the space private from guests…and hides the mess if your not the worlds best filer!

IMG_5262 copy

The study nook we have in our display home which is double sided so the kids can have their own area! Doors for privacy, storage space on the shelf and under the bench

3. A popular choice is a walk in storage room….and let me say they are an absolute dream if you can fit one in. They can store all your linen plus so many other things that your just not sure where to store or don’t want them to get dusty in your garage. My storeroom actually houses our deep freeze!

4. Make sure all your bedrooms contain a walk in robe or built in robe. Consider hanging space versus shelves or drawers.

5. Kitchen storage- are you a cupboard or large drawer person. The benefit of the large pot drawers is that you can pull out the drawer and see exactly whats in it, as opposed to trying to get to the back of a cupboard. Pantry space- walk in pantry’s and butlers pantry’s are definitely on the hot list for people building homes and also those buying existing. They provide alot of extra space that can not only store food, but also electrical appliances etc.

Holbrook Road_IMG_0602_DIGITAL

You probably wouldn’t guess but behind the large doors is a walk in pantry! Now that’s clever storage done well!

6. Garage storage- think about built in shelves or cupboards to keep things neat and tidy, and it will also stop things getting dusty.

7. Bag/shoe nooks! This is becoming so popular for the family home. And you can see why as not only do they look great but it means we don’t have to trip over the kids shoes and school bags when you walk in the door! Stylish and user friendly that’s a bonus!


The bag nook in our display home…looking stylish and ready for the bag hooks (depending on how many children you have)

8. Laundry- plenty of cupboard and bench space is a bonus in this room. You might even like to think about an old fashioned “robin hood” built in ironing board

Holbrook Road_IMG_0495_DIGITALHolbrook Road_IMG_0506_DIGITAL Very clever space saving idea- a pull out drying rack drawer in this property we built in Holbrook road and a hanging rack under shelf storage to put your clothes on straight out of the washing machine!

Remember by making sure you have adequate storage it will make life easier for you and and your family, and when the time comes to sell someone else will definitely appreciate your thought process!

We can give you even more space saving storage ideas in your house design process. Pop into the office for a chat or why not come and view our display home at 30 Ross Parkway, Estella Rise and see for yourself how we can create the perfect home for your perfect life!

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