Freestanding bath vs built in bath

Freestanding bath vs built in? That is the question among many renovators and home builders every night. How do you choose? Freestanding baths can be a real focus point of your bathroom, beautifully simplistic and elegant. Where as a built in tub is the more practical choice of the two. There are a couple of points to consider before making your choice.


Traditionally, freestanding baths have been more expensive. But as their popularity rises – the cost has reduced and there are now many affordable options on the market. Including lightweight models that wont require extra reinforcing on the floor. There are many designs to suit the decor of your home such as traditional and modern designs.

Freestanding baths are a luxurious addition to any bathroom and should be considered if you want a stand alone feature in your bathroom. However you do need to decide at the planning stage if you would like to include one as the plumbing is set up differently to a built in tub. And once your plumber has started he may not be so happy to have to go back and change it for you.

Perhaps the biggest concern most people have is how to clean behind the freestanding bath. You need to carefully consider the space around the bath. If the space is too tight you won’t be able to get a mop behind the bath clean. Ensure there is plenty of room. If you have young children who are still bathing, then a built in tub may be the better option where you can easily mop up water spills around the bath hob. If your children are older and shower, then a freestanding bath would be ideal as there is less use.

Freestanding bath vs built in bath


Almost all of Australian homes feature the built in bath. Winning in practicality, you can still make a feature of your bath with feature tiling and recesses. Choosing a large, deeper bath will also help in creating a sense of luxury in the bathroom.

Built in baths are, in general, more compact. If your bathroom is smaller, consider a built in bath as freestanding baths are bigger. You may struggle to clean behind and around a freestanding bath when installed into a smaller bathroom. Another reason built in baths are good for tight spaces is that is much easier to install a shower over the clean lines of built in tub.


Of course there many other factors you could consider, but these are the main ones that come up with our clients when discussing whether a freestanding bath will work in their new home build.


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