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What is the difference between laminate and vinyl flooring? We get asked this alot! Both options are a very affordable option for your home. Vinyl is fast becoming very popular again with a vast range of colours, textures and styles. Don’t get confused by the old daggy vinyl of years gone by. Today’s new vinyl is luxurious, easy to maintain and available in so many colour options.  Both laminate and vinyl will allow you to recreate a high end look on a budget. Lets take a look at the two. 

[heading size=”4″ heading_class=”heading” h_id=”” h_class=””]DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LAMINATE AND VINYL FLOORING [/heading]


  • Is a manufactured wood product of 3 layers – a wear resistant protective layer, a decorative layer (this is the timber feature) and a High Density Fibreboard (HDF) base. Laminate is laid by ‘clicking’ the boards together, also known as a floating floor.
  • Is a realistic alternative to real wood floors.
  • Durable.
  • Not recommended for wet areas. Dry mopping recommended. Will and can warp if exposed to excess water.
  • Suitable for all other areas.
  • Can be noisy underfoot.
  • Slightly cheaper upfront costs but expect to have to replace flooring in about 10years.


  • Flexible, durable and water resistant.
  • Can be used in wet areas.
  • Recreates a true timber look in many styles, colours and textures.
  • Commercial grade options provide the best wear layer and durability.
  • Quiet underfoot.
  • A great option if you have pets inside as they won’t slip on vinyl.
  • More upfront cost than laminate but can expect to last up to 20years at least.


Laminate has been the popular choice for a while now. But we predict vinyl will soon take the number one spot as it is easier to maintain, more durable and more colours to choose from. We hope that this has cleared up the difference between laminate and vinyl flooring.

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