The long hot days of an Australian summer can almost seem never ending. It is hot all the time, day and night. The last thing on your mind is your lawn other than a water every couple of days. But it is worth noting that summer can be a very stressful time for the Australian backyard lawn. But caring for your lawn in summer with these tips and tricks, will ensure your lawn survives the summer.

One of the best things you can do before summer hits is to prepare it during the spring.

    If your lawn is still green and lush and the soil moist, you can lower your lawnmower cutting height knowing that the lawn is hardy enough to repair itself and grow again. Only do this if water restrictions are not in place.If you live in an area where water restrictions are in place, and your lawn will be receiving less water then you must leave your mower settings high. This will enable the lawn and leaf to better protect the soil from water loss through evaporation.

    Continue with your regular mowing through out summer.

    Sometimes your lawn will go brown and patchy in some areas. Its unavoidable during Australia’s hot summers. If this happens, give the brown patches a really good soak the next morning.
    You should avoid using any form of chemical treatment on your lawn during the hottest part of summer. You run the risk of the stressing your lawn and doing more damage than good.



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