I don’t know about anyone else but the cooler weather this past week has me thinking about getting out in the garden. (before we get back to 40 degrees again next week!)

With that in mind i thought it a timely day to write about some Autumn gardening tips to help people get organised. Whether you have just built your new home and need to landscape from scratch (remember we can do an all inclusive package to include this) or adding a few new garden beds, to people who have existing fully established gardens or like me are currently gutting our yard eek!

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There’s no better time in the year to get out in the yard and prepare your garden for the upcoming cold months.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  1. Mulch, mulch, mulch! So important to mulch your garden and around new trees. Mulch is your gardens best friend as it helps keep the moisture in the roots
  2. Now’s the time to plant new trees- perfect time to get in those bare rooted trees so they can climatise to the soil before our icy cold winter hits (if your in Wagga)
  3. Plant your fruit trees now too
  4. Prune hedges, trees and shrubs. This helps to promote new fresh growth in spring
  5. Fertilise your lawn this will help to ensure it stays green and healthy during the year
  6. Once the weather cools off its the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and build a new garden bed or maybe even a raised garden bed which is perfect for vegie growing (a great project to do with the kids)
  7. Plant bulbs ready for them to put on a great display come spring time!

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Enjoy your time in the garden, its a great stress therapy and very rewarding to look at what you have created. And who doesn’t love the leaves turning a vibrant red before they drop off for the cold winter!


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