What is a 2 pac kitchen

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What is a 2 Pac kitchen? How does is it different from a laminex kitchen? Have you ever wondered what the answers are?

Designing your new kitchen is exciting. Often you will know what you want, the colours you want to use and even the colour of the stone. What you may not have considered is whether you want to use laminex or 2 pac for your doors. So what is the difference?

In a 2 pac kitchen, the paint finish is achieved by mixing 2 packs of liquid – 1 is the resin and the other is the hardener. When mixed together the result a thicker and harder finish. 2 pac is available in a range of finishes the most popular being glossy, 60% gloss and 30% gloss (matte). Essentially, a 2 pac kitchen is a painted kitchen where the finish is of incredibly high standard like paint used for cars.

what is a 2 pac kitchen?

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The advantages of 2 pac are –

  • the paint won’t peel off
  • will give your kitchen that ‘designer’ feel.
  • because the doors are painted, there is no visible edge strip that may peel later
  • hard wearing
  • endless colour options for a truly unique kitchen
  • easy to clean
  • more options with door profiles and joinery types for custom kitchens
  • easier to renovate later if needed.

The disadvantages are –

  • much more expensive that laminex
  • has to be applied by a trained professional as the paint contains a toxic chemical
  • longer drying time.
  • can chip

what is a 2 pac kitchen

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A laminex kitchen is much more affordable than 2 pac. Available in a ever growing range of colours and textures, Laminex provide options and solutions no matter your style. You can still achieve your dream kitchen with laminex, you just won’t be able to choose doors that have a fancy profile.

The advantages of laminex are –

  • affordable
  • huge range of colours and textures to ensure you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams.
  • scratch and stain resistant

The disadvantages are –

  • can, in extreme cases, be affected by the heat of the sun
  • more expensive to renovate
  • can not be repaired if it gets cut
  • can see the edgestrip
  • can peel over time


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