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Building a new home, whether it is a first home, an investment or a smaller home for reitrement, is exciting. We love working with our clients and helping them bring their vision to life. Wagga builders, de Jong Homes are all about helping you create your perfect life, while we build you the perfect home.

But what does perfect mean? Perfect means ideal for land size, ideal for your needs and wants, ideal for your budget and most importantly, perfect for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Building a new home in Wagga is a great choice for your family. Wagga Wagga was voted the #1 most family friendly city/town in Australia. That also means it is the perfect place to invest in real estate.

Behind the de Jong Homes name is over 20 years of building experience which we draw upon to ensure each and every home is built to the highest of standards.  And we have a strong and dedicated team to ensure it is as smooth as possible. We are a family owned business, and working with other families to build their perfect home is what we love to do.

Building a home shouldn’t be stressful – it is a journey to be shared and enjoyed. Share that journey with us and see why de Jong Homes is the number #1 choice when choosing a Wagga Builder.

Wagga Builder De Jong Homes
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Wagga Builder de Jong Homes

Flexibility and Choice

Building with de Jong Homes means you have the flexibility and choice to make your home perfect for you and your family. We are local and you can trust Wagga Builder de Jong Homes 100% to deliver a well built home with no hidden extras.

Local Wagga builder with over 20 years experience

Nathan has been building new homes in Wagga for over 20 years. Nathan is able to draw up that extensive wealth of experience to guide you and your family on a house plan and design that will ensure your new home is perfect for you and your family.
Wagga builder de jong homes

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I have just built with Dejongs and can honestly say, the whole experience was seamless and has changed my life! I couldn’t believe that I could actually build to this quality on a budget. The boys build a fantastic home and to the lovely ladies who co ordinate it, thank you Michelle, Fleur and Sally, you have made my dreams come true! Can’t wait to build again soon! – Angela